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Welcome to the website of a licensed Tour Operator, cognitive tourism, classified in two forms of motorized tourism:

  • motorcycle form involving all types of tourist road motorcycles and adv motorcycles, the so-called adventure motorcycles, or all-road motorcycles, suitable for riding on any surface with the exclusion of difficult and demanding off-road typical routes
  • automobile form with the participation of all types of special camping vehicles, adapted for tourism off the beaten track, equipped primarily with camping and living equipment, especially with the participation of campers, buses and 4×4 expedition vehicles 

and a hybrid form created by us in-house - combining a form of motorcycle travel with a form of car travel into one, pursuing a common program, albeit in a different way.

We combine motorization, tourism and adventure into interesting forms and formulas for exploring the world. We organize motorized travel expeditions, excursions and touring events that make you explore the Globe as it really is - always in contact with nature and local culture, always safe and as comfortable as possible, never overly luxurious. We combine passions for discovery and exploration with the natural need to feel space and freedom....

And it's what sets us apart that is most important to us:

It is not just the road that is our destination, but the places and people it leads us to....

Do you feel that traveling, expeditions, tours organized in good company could become your true passion? Come with us for an adventure you won't forget for many long years! We will take you on a wonderful and safely organized trip in the form of motorcycle, bus, train, or in an exciting mixed formula, leading through the most beautiful corners of Poland, Europe and the rest of the world. Visit unfamiliar lands with us, cover thousands of kilometers in company enjoying your eyes with wonderful, varied views of nature: boundless plains, picturesque plateaus, monumental mountains and green forests, wander through the streets of charming towns, feel the climate of the time and places, meet unique people with us. Choose a proposal, pack your luggage and set off on a journey without thinking about anything. Fulfill your dreams, travel and explore, entrusting your time and organization to professionals. 

Browse our full CATALOGUE offer, or choose one of its three thematically arranged segments (MOTORCYCLE –  ON 4 WHEELSMIX FORMULA) to see the prepared proposals for you 👇👇👇👇.



Tourism motorcycle tour fully organized. Expeditions, tours and motorcycle travel in small groups, under the supervision of an experienced Motorcycle Pilot.

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On 4 wheels

Tourism touring on four wheels fully organized. Caravanning expeditions and adventure travel in campers, vans, 4×4 vehicles and coach tourism. 

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Formuła Mix

Formula Mix

Tourism touring in mixed forms and formulas Fully organized, combining multiple modes of transportation and organizational combinations in one trip.

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New products in our offer

Typ europe
Czas 9 days
Data 13/07/2024
Koszt 700 €

Romania ADVENTURE (by road and off-road)

MOTORCYCLES ADVENTURE through Romania outdoors not hardcore - by roads, wilderness of Maramureş and Transylvania

Typ europe
Czas 21 days
Data 07/06/2024
Koszt 2200 €

Norway (NordKapp) caravanning with campervans

CARAVANING SKANDINAVIA - organized campervan trip to NORDKAPP, LOFOTY and over GEIRANGER

Typ europe
Czas 14 days
Data 28/06/2024
Koszt 2100 €

South Norway

MOTORCYCLES along 10 of the most beautiful routes in Southern Norway - from Atlantic Road to Jaeren National Tourist Road

Typ world
Czas 13 days
Data 09/11/2024
Koszt 1600 €

Morocco by tarmac

MOTORCYCLES THROUGH MAROCCO - asphalt roads of the Berber kingdom with Atlas passes and the Sahara in the program

Typ world
Typ world
Czas 14 days
Data 18/10/2024
Koszt 7200 €

Japan from Tokyo to Kyoto

JAPAN from Tokyo to Kyoto by motorcycle assisted by miniVAN - a tour on the trail of tradition, modernity, two capitals and cherry blossoms

Typ world
Typ world
Czas 12 days
Data 01/11/2024
Koszt 2500 €

North Vietnam Sa Pa - Mai Chau - Ha Giang - Ba Be.

VIETNAM of the pristine north by motorcycle and pickup truck... Hanoi-Mai Chau-Sapa-Ha Giang-Meo Vac-Ba Be



Opinions and recommendations

It is not easy to achieve the full satisfaction of your needs and fulfillment of your expectations is most important to us. Your feedback is a true testament to the effectiveness of these efforts.



+100 trips made

Many trips are behind us, which makes us perfectly prepared for future expeditions.
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Everyone can find something for themselves with us. We offer a wide selection of tours to different corners of the world.

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With our experience, we are able to fully meet your needs and requirements.

Hello I rarely ride with groups of more than a few people to moto events.Human characters,personalities and temperaments exclude me from such events,of course at my own request.... I prefer to ride in a duo or alone....That was until my trip with Motopodró of pandemics,fear of restrictions led me to look for something on the Internet.Suggesting the opinions of participants,I decided to use the offer of the above-mentioned company entitled, "Alps and Dolomites" Uff.... I was very pleasantly surprised, me and my family, a big applause for the non-commercial approach to the subject of organizing the event. What I expected has been realized. Friendly atmosphere, flexibility of time, very nice hotel places and the best integration evenings at a table full of food, made me want to go on another moto expeditions... In summary...I heartily recommend to all!....Na surely I will use the services of this office ...Respect for the organizer thanks to the participants and see you next year.... It will be happening.....Because their events are all about quality.....and experience,not fast quantity and pace..Your fan Roberto di Lancia💥....

Robert Numanoid
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

If you are into motorcycle tours, this company is a very solid choice. They operate from Poland , but go worldwide, literally. Their trips are interesting and well organized.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

A fun trip to Romania. Great organization and super selected routes. This is my first trip with us and I will definitely go again more than once. Regards to the organizers (Translated by Google) A fun trip to Romania. Great organization and great routes selected. This is my first trip with us and I will definitely go there more than once. I greet the organizers

Mariusz Gnych
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Motopodróż The only company worth traveling with!!!! You can see that it is run by people with pajsa, caring about the welfare of the customer. The trip "Alps and Dolomites" was an example of a professionally organized motorcycle trip. Thank you very much that I was able to ride with you. The almost family atmosphere during the trip left me with many pleasant memories and sensational views completed the whole. See you...

Czachol Dario
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Well-organized and well thought out tours.Super mapped out routes.Full professionalism while leading the tour. Riding with my colleague Michal as well as Maciej is pure pleasure.I recommend with all responsibility. Certainly no one will be disappointed.

Marcin Rosa
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

It's good! It's great! There is asphalt! There is off road! There is what we want and we talk about it every night. A top-notch event, with no spin or stress. Remember that the basis of a good event is your ability to work in a group. I'm always happy to come back here!

Alexander Babola
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Captured through the lens



A photo report of a transit journey by road through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Macedonia to Patras, Greece, from where a touring itinerary of the islands of the Archipelago combined with a stationary holiday was mapped out.

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Albania attracts every year, like a magnet. Still wild, natural, but welcoming.

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Still overlooked in sightseeing tourism plans in Europe, although it offers much: the warm Black Sea with its sandy beaches, mystical Transylvania - home of the most famous vampire Dracula, winding and mountainous roads....

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Sri Lanka

Exotic in every way, delighting in the culture of the Far East with countless sights of ancient Ceylon, stunning in the scent of tea and spices....

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Pearl of the Tropics, one of the Pearls of the Andaman Sea, Pearl of the Far East, Pearl of Asia and several other similar terms with a pearl included... Neighboring Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia, extremely exotic in every way

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How to distinguish a Tourist from a Traveler?

Somewhat jokingly - the Tourist mostly doesn't know where he has been and what he has seen, and the Traveler mostly doesn't know where he will be and what he will see....

Tourism is something calculable, predictable, it is a programmed process of a cognitive, leisure, specialized, business or cultural nature and adapted accordingly to a defined participant. There is little room in tourism for spontaneity and risks, little room for randomness. Tourism is for everyone, and well-organized tourism can provide priceless memories and unforgettable experiences, so much needed for our proper functioning.

Traveling is something quite different, it is an unstructured cognitive process in which the only certainty is a set destination. Travelers don't plan, travelers move toward a destination, subjecting themselves to the actions of many variables and adopting them along the way, while accepting considerable risk. Traveling is a true adventure, although an adventure not for everyone.

We create suggestions for both Tourists and Travelers. We travel in any spare time, exploring the corners of this world. It is our travels that become the inspiration, and some of them the proven basis for creating a thoughtful and safe tourist offer, which we present on our site with full responsibility.

Welcome to Travel and Tourism with


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