MOTORCYCLANE BOSNIA AND HERCEGOVINA - the essence of the Balkans, or perhaps Little Yugoslavia





1150 €
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~ approx. 3550 km



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A still undiscovered part of the Balkans, shyly shining and increasingly intense among the other pearls of the peninsula.... Upholstered almost entirely by limestone, dolomite, shale and sandstone of the Dinaric Mountains, covered halfway by dense forests with endemic flora, with little access to the flattening Pannonian Basin and equally little to the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea, with many rivers merging their waters into the Black Sea basin, priceless monuments, a mix of - often explosive - cultures and a history strewn with many truly sharp turns. Four national parks, several scenic parks, the Old Bridge in Mostar, the Dervish Monastery in Blagaj, the stone bridge over the Drina in Vishegrad, the remains of a medieval fortress in Počitelj, Kravica Falls, Trebinje, Medjugorje, Srebrenica, Sarajevo... 

For some, the true essence of the Balkans, for others, still Little Yugoslavia... What it is really like you can find out during a week-long round trip, motorized form to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Two regions, two constantly feuding nations within the borders of one beautiful country - a proposal planned and precisely designed for all those who have already experienced roundtrip tourism, find themselves in organized travel, spending time in a group and under the supervision of a pilot. A little more than 12-day vacation in the shining fresh light of another pearl in the Balkans.




TYPE OF EVENT: motorcycle road trip


    • FIX: 15.08 (CZ) - 25.08.2024 (ND)
    • FLEX: any date for group bookings (≥ 7 participants) in advance min. 6 months 

PLACE OF ORGANIZATION: Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • TRANSPORTATION TO THE PLACE OF ORGANIZATION: participants' own transportation/return to the starting/finishing point.
  • TRANSPORTATION ON SITE: participant's own means of transportation - motorcycle


  • 2 d transit trip from Poland to BiH
  • 7 d roundtrip tourism Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)
  • 2 d transit trip from BiH to Poland



  • Una National Park
  • Mostar UNESCO Old Town and Old Bridge
  • Blagaj and tekke dervishes
  • Medjugorie - pilgrims' village
  • Kravica waterfalls and Humec Monastery Museum
  • Popovo Polje
  • Neum and the Adriatic Sea beach
  • Radimlja UNESCO Necropolis
  • Trebinje Old Town and winery 
  • Sutjeska National Park
  • Višegrad (Vishegrad) and the Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic Bridge over the UNESCO Drina River.
  • Sarajevo and surroundings
  • Kraljeva Sutjeska
  • Maglaj
  • Travnik called Little Sarajevo
  • Jajce - an open-air museum city
  • OPTIONAL and optional (possible during the main program):
    • (OPTION) Bužim Fortress
    • (OPTION) Ostrožac Fortress
    • (OPTION) Monaster Žitomislić
    • (OPTION) Stolac Old Town, Provalije waterfall
    • (OPTION) Tvrdoš Monastery
    • (OPTIONAL) Konjic and Tito's Bunker (
    • (OPTION) Srebrenica and the Memorial Museum of the Murdered 1992
    • (OPTION) Vranduk in a bend of the Bosna River
    • (OPTIONAL) Viewpoint on the Vrbas River at the M16

The program, as well as individual points, are subject to change as a result of unforeseen road conditions, unforeseen obstructions at program sites, as well as other events beyond the Organizer's control.

TOTAL DISTANCE: approx. 3500 km


  • transit: 400 - 580 km
  • tourism: 130 - 310 km


  • 90% paved roads in flat and mountainous terrain, also very poor quality
  • 10% paved roads in flat and mountainous terrain

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: 5/10 medium  (Route for motorcyclist with experience min. 3 years/7,000 km, traveling in variable weather conditions, on sectionally bad roads, in mountainous terrain)

GROUP NUMBER (min-max): 7-16


  • The TIP PLAN described in the offer is subject to update each time before the start of the event for territorial, weather and other conditions affecting the possibility of its implementation.
  • Information on individual transit and destination countries is available on the MFA website:




A demanding expedition, an intensive tour, or perhaps a motorcycle touring vacation in the Balkans....

The definition of this trip certainly depends on the skills and experience of the participant, it is definitely not a ride proposal aimed at complete beginners, but neither is it an extreme or even a competitive trip. It is an average level of difficulty motor tour in another extremely attractive tourist destination of the Balkan Peninsula, in the heart of the former Yugoslavia, within the administrative boundaries of two mountainous regions of the single state of Bosnia and Herzegovina

One beautiful country, two nations, many sharp turns, including those marked out by history, both ancient and quite recent... We will guide you along roads not taken by well-known travel agencies, we will show you places known and less known, beautiful, charming, peaceful and bustling, places untouched by people and those bearing traces of good and evil, we will show you real people - open and closed, cordial and unsympathetic, people like us....  

There are no elements of stunt in the event, including rivalry and competition. The main emphasis in the organization has been on the selection of routes and places of high tourist attractiveness, ensuring a balance between the hardships of the ride and spending time in good company, and creating conditions for establishing good relations between participants, while taking care to maintain the expected privacy.

It is not a trip for beginners, loners and owners of polished "parade" machines. Long distances of transit (we drive as dynamically as possible to get there efficiently without wasting time on lengthy stops), demanding and not the best quality mountain sections of roads at the destination... Instead, it is an excellent trip, and perhaps the trip of a lifetime for:   

  • Owners of touring motorcycles finding themselves in a group, already experienced in motorcycle tourism, determined to make a journey on roads of varying difficulty and with varying conditions - in addition to the easy sections of the road to overcome, also demanding, winding mountain sections, in varying weather and lighting conditions
  • owners of "allroad" touring motorcycles looking for excitement also beyond the asphalt, although only on local roads partially paved, in the form of fun and without excessive risks


The journey was divided into 3 contractual stages: 1. transit to/ towards a destination in BiH, 2 Destination - destination Bosnia and Herzegovina  3. transit from/ in the return direction to Poland.

Stage 1 - set out 1st morning (from a conventional place in Poland, most often from near Czestochowa) along a planned route through Hungary, Croatia towards the northwesternmost border town of Velika Kladuša in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Stage 1 of the transit will take us 2 days, during which no tourist attractions are planned, and the route leads along highways to reach the place of the actual organization in the shortest possible time.

For stage 2, suitable for tourism, provided for 7 days total Touring according to the developed program as below, with organizational and logistic support in the places where the group is stationed (on request: organization of free time, organization of optional excursions, organization of local transportation, etc.). In Bosnia and Herzegovina our "motorcycle voyages" take their beginning and end... at a pace appropriate to the Balkans, over short distances and with a licensed pilot at the helm - the most interesting places, with countless attractions as far as the eye can see. Ahead of us are good, but also not the best quality roads, panoramic routes, viewpoints in the mountains, highlands and on the coast, interesting places, people, traditional restaurants, fun and lots of time spent together. 

After nearly 7 days (9 with commuter transit) of an extraordinary trip stage 3 and return, in part different from stage 1. Back to Poland Day 11 of our trip late in the evening.  


  • TOUR OPERATOR - we are legally operating tour operators, registered in the Central Register of Tour Operators and Entrepreneurs Facilitating the Acquisition of Related Travel Services (CEOTiPUNPUT) So your trip is secured completely and in two pillars: through insurance guarantees provided to us by Insurance Companies and through the Tourist Guarantee Fund.
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE - in. Within the framework of the contract concluded with us, you will receive, in the price of each tourist event and according to the destination, a package of travel insurance on the subject of: Costs of Treatment and Assistance (KL), Rescue Costs (KR), Personal Accident (NNW), Civil Liability (OC) - details in the contract for participation in a tourist event and the T&C of the insurance included
  • CANCELLATION INSURANCE - in our offer, in addition to the possibility of increasing the sums insured also the possibility of Insurance Costs of Cancellation and Interruption of the Tourist Event
  • INTEGRATION AND RELATIONSHIPS -  We are part of the group, integrating and having fun together with you, vigilantly ensuring safety, smooth execution and only positive impressions. We create conditions for building valuable and lasting relationships, while respecting your privacy.
  • LOYALTY PROGRAM - all our customers are covered by a rewarding loyalty program MOTOloyalty - Giving tangible benefits from ongoing cooperation....

You can find several similar offers. Of all those available, ours stands out:

  • PREMIUM QUALITY at an affordable price - it is not a budget offer, we provide an increased standard of service and livelihood at the place of organization
  • GROUP TRAVEL - The addressees of the offer and potential participants are those who are aware and determined to travel in groups and with the support/guidance of the organizer
  • ACCOMMODATIONS - accommodations always of high standard are carefully selected, most are our permanent base
  • CAREGIVER WITH EXPERIENCE - 24/7 care of an experienced and professional tour leader pilot, with knowledge of foreign language, with knowledge of routes and places included in the program
  • HOT-LINE TRAVEL ASSISTANT - A communicator that allows constant 24/7 contact with the organizing team at least 1 month before the departure date
  • SERVICE ON THE GO - ad hoc organization of free time, optional excursions, local transportation at the request of the participant during the trip
  • REFINED PLAN AND PROGRAM - The formula of trips places very high the needs of cognitive and social tourism, travel in a detailed planned program framework, with a high intensity of thematically diverse program points, without losing valuable time for unplanned activities.



Mapa wycieczki




  • Completion of participants, briefing of the Pilot at about 8:15 a.m. at the place indicated in the ROAD BOOK (near Częstochowa, parking lot of the hotel/resort)
  • Group transit by highways to Hungary
  • opening and integration dinner, distribution of welcome packages
  • Catering: -/-/D
  • accommodation: Szombathely area
Czas approx. 6 hrs (+ stops)
Trasa approx. 580 km

A transit day, with quite a few kilometers to drive on highways and local roads. Departure as early in the morning as possible from the hotel/resort chosen in the area (where participants from further places in Poland will be able to get there earlier and spend the night before the trip). In the evening, an organized welcome and integration dinner for Participants, with distribution of welcome packages.


(HU) SZOMBATHELY area (HR) ZAGRZEB MALJEVAC (BA) Velika Kladuša Bihać surroundings


  • Group transit by highways to BiH
  • Stop and visit Bužim fortress and wooden mosque
  • Stop and tour of Ostrožac fortress
  • Catering: B/-/D
  • accommodation: Bihać area
Czas approx. 5 hrs (+ stops)
Trasa approx. 370 km

We set off at 8:30, right after breakfast. After about 5 hours of driving on the roads of Hungary and Croatia, we enter BiH. Forgotten settlements from the Ottoman era... A few kilometers from the border town of Velika Kladuš there is a settlement hidden in the forested hills Bužim, with a medieval castle built for protection from the Turks, and paradoxically used by the Turks after its capture for forays to the north. Beneath the castle, a Bosnian rarity - a wooden Muslim mosque most likely from the first half of the 19th century, which miraculously survived all the wartime turmoil that mangled the area.  

We are heading towards the town of Bihać (where we will stop for the night), and on the way there is one more place thematically related to castles and fortresses in this part of Bosnia - Ostrožac. The well-preserved fortress is about 250 meters long. The oldest mention of the fortress dates back to the end of the 13th century. On the territory of the fortress is the palace of the family of one of the fortress' owners - the von Berks, built in the early 20th century.


In the late afternoon we will arrive in Bihać, which, in addition to attracting several interesting sights, is primarily associated with rafting on the Una River. The center of the town stretches on two banks of the rushing, irregular, 30-meter wide river. Small islands on the river add to the picturesqueness of the place, with footbridges leading to some of them. Here we will stop for the night.




  • Breakfast 7:30 a.m., check-out at 8:30 a.m.
  • Old Town Ostrovica
  • Livno town
  • the city and the Old Bridge in Mostar
  • Catering: B/-/D
  • accommodation: Mostar, or surrounding areas
Czas approx. 5 hrs (+ stops)
Trasa approx. 310 km

We set off 8:30 am after breakfast. We head towards a natural gem - Una National Park, the youngest of BiH's national parks, established in 2008.... Definitely smaller, but also less commercialized than its neighbor in Croatia - Plitvice Lakes Park. Its main attraction is the two pristine wild rivers-Una and Unac, with all their aquatic surroundings-canyons, waterfalls and water rapids. A paradise for anglers and rafting enthusiasts.

We will drive along its edge and within its boundaries, following the R408 road, deviating to a gravel road just outside the village of Orašac (GPS: 44.6247517, 16.068650), heading to a parking lot along the Una River. Here we will leave the vehicles and spend about 2 hours in the park.

After the walk in the park, and if we didn't manage to have a coffee, we will do so going further south, in a bend of the Una River, at the bar Bistro Una, by the Old Town of Ostrovica, where we will stop for an optional and short coffee stop, still absorbing the atmosphere of the surroundings.

We should reach Mostar in the early afternoon, so that we can still enjoy the view of the 16th-century Old Bridge and the city's adjacent Old Town while the sun is still shining and later, after it sets. This world-renowned monument, listed by UNESCO, built during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, was for centuries to come a symbol of the reconciliation of East and West, Christianity and Islam. Destroyed during the Bosnian War in 1993, it was rebuilt immediately after its end.

On the way, time permitting, we will drive through the streets of the town of Livno, whose undoubted advantages are its picturesque location among gentle hills, several well-preserved monuments (mosques, the traditional "sahat kula" clock tower, an Orthodox church and a Catholic church) and Mediterranean climate. 



  • Breakfast 7:30 a.m., check-out at 8:30 a.m.
  • Tekke dervishes in Blagaj
  • Monaster Žitomislić
  • Medjugorie - a village of pilgrims
  • Kravica waterfalls
  • Popovo Polje
  • Neum and the Adriatic Sea beach
  • Catering: B/-/D
  • accommodation: Neum, or surrounding areas
Czas approx. 3 hrs (+ stops)
Trasa approx. 150 km

Not many kilometers to drive, and a very intense day. 

About 10 km from Mostar is located the former Turkish "kasaba" (small provincial town). Next to the remains of the Ottoman Empire - 2 mosques and a bathhouse - a reminder of pre-Turkic times in the form of the ruins of a medieval castle. Bugai, however, is first and foremost an outcrop of the Buna River, over which the Turkish dervish order built a "tekiya" - a monastery. It is for this attraction that the town is haunted by hundreds of tourists in the season, a place from the TOP10 list in BiH, not to be missed by us as well.

From there, we will drive to Medjugorie - a pilgrim village and Roman Catholic parish where the alleged apparitions of Our Lady took place on June 24, 1981, a small one, and more than 600 documented healings since then. The apparitions have not been officially recognized by the Church or the Vatican. Nevertheless, Medjugorie is an important pilgrimage site. We will stop there for a short while to satisfy simple curiosity, and perhaps for some of us it will be something more....

Heading to Medjugorie, we will stop at the 16th-century Žitomislić Monastery, which for centuries was an important place for the spirituality and culture of the area - there was a famous school for transcribing books, later a seminary, as well as a library with valuable collections. In the temple the monks collected many icons of no small artistic importance. Unfortunately, the complex was destroyed and looted during World War II and the Yugoslav war. It is currently being rebuilt.

The main highlight of today's program, however, seems to be the Kravica Waterfalls on the Trebižat River. We will spend a longer while here, relaxing surrounded by fantastic natural formations.

From there, we'll drive through Popovo Polje (an elongated, sun-scorched basin with a flat bottom) to Neum - a city and seaside resort on a patch of land that forms a narrow strip of Bosnia and Herzegovina's access to the Adriatic Sea. It will be, as in Croatia, and from here, after all, "a stone's throw" to Dalmatia.... 






  • Breakfast 8:00 a.m., check-out at 9:00 a.m.
  • Radimlja Necropolis UNESCO
  • Stolac Old Town, Provalije waterfall
  • Popovo Polje
  • Tvrdoš Monastery
  • Trebinje Old Town and winery 
  • Catering: B/-/D
  • accommodation: Trebinje, or surrounding areas
Czas approx. 3 hrs (+ stops)
Trasa approx. 170 km

We are by the sea, so today we start a little later, at 9:00.

The first and very short stop will be the Radimlja Cemetery - a necropolis of 15th and 16th century tombstones and, as the epitaphs on the slabs proclaim, members of the Hraben-Milaradowić family, who at that time ruled the area around Mostar, Stolac and Popovo, were buried in the ground. Sites of this type can also be found in Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia, while here their number is unique - as many as 133. All such clusters of tombstones were inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage List in 2016.

Heading to our main point of today's program - Trebinje, located in a part of Republika Srpska - we will pass through Stolac, with one of the most interesting historic complexes in BiH. Situated picturesquely on the Bregava River, on the road connecting Mostar and Trebinje. Making a not very encouraging impression (destroyed during the war in 1993), it hides within its borders the remains of several interesting monuments from the mainly Ottoman times (bathhouse, mosques, interesting bridge, fortress) and you can feel here the atmosphere of a provincial Turkish "kasaba", steeped in Mediterranean influences.

About 5 kilometers before our destination, there is one more interesting-Monastery of the Dormition of the Mother of God in Tvrdoš-and one of the most important for Orthodox believers in BiH. Located on the banks of the Trebišnjica River, surrounded by beautiful vines and orchards, the 16th century monastery, most likely built on the foundations of a previous Christian temple from the 4th to 6th centuries. , impresses with its centuries-old wine-making tradition. The monks here are known for producing their own wine and rakija, which can be purchased at the gift store near the parking lot. In the monastery's vineyard, century-old oak barrels are stored in a 15th-century stone cellar. The Tvrdoš winery and its gold-winning wines produced by the monks have an excellent reputation among sommeliers. It was the "Grand Reserve Vranac" from Tvrdoš Wine Cellars (Twardoszy) that won the gold medal at the most prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards 2018.

In the early afternoon we should reach Trebinje - the town of sun, wine and giant plane trees. The easternmost town of the Popovo Polje basin - surrounded by sun-soaked hills - doesn't impress like the others with its monuments (except for the 16th-century Arslanagić Bridge). It is an atmospheric, quiet town, a wine town where time passes slowly.

Here we will stay for tonight. organizing a dinner with wine at one of the local wineries.



  • Breakfast 7:30 a.m., check-out at 8:30 a.m.
  • Sutjeska National Park
  • Višegrad and bridge Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic's bridge on the UNESCO Drina River
  • Sarajevo
  • Catering: B/-/D
  • accommodation: Sarajevo Old Town, or surrounding areas
Czas approx. 5 hrs (+ stops)
Trasa approx. 310 km

Wasting no time to sleep too long, we set off after breakfast at 8:30.

We have quite a stretch ahead of us, just over 300 kilometers, with two important sites on the way - Sutjeska National Park and Višegrad with the 16th century bridge of Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both places lie in the Republic of Serbia. We'll end the day in the country's capital Sarajevo, where the eye can't see there are plenty of attractions.


Driving along the road from Trebinje to Višegrad, we will pass through the Sutjeska National Park, the oldest in BiH. It was created in an area encompassing mountain massifs with peaks above 2000 m.a.s.l., surrounding the Sutjeska River valley on all sides. We will stop near the park's showpiece - an extremely expressive concrete monument, designed and built during the Yugoslav era, in 1971 to honor the fallen and commemorate the battle fought against the Germans in 1943 by Tito's partisan troops.

In Višegrad we will see its biggest attraction - a bridge, built in the 1670s. It was designed by one of the most famous architects of the Ottoman Empire - Mimar Koca Sinan, and funded by Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic. The bridge is about 180 meters long and is supported by 11 arches/arches spanning 11-15 meters. 


From here we set off to Sarajevo, the capital of BiH, where we will spend the next 2 nights, and certainly the next 2 weeks would not be enough.

SARAJEWO KONJIC (Tito's Bunker) -- OR -- SARAJEVO SREBRENICA Memorial Museum of the Murdered


Czas 1 day
Trasa 0 - 300 km

A full long day in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina without a strict plan! A day of relaxation, rest, or for some a day of freedom and liberation from the ruthless organizational discipline 🙂 . 

There is something for everyone here. Sarajevo itself will provide a plethora of attractions, among which you should consider exploring with the use of place hints:

  • Žuta tabija (Yellow Bastion) and one of the best panoramas of the city
  • Bijela Tabija - an old fort located at an altitude of 667 m
  • Inat Kuća - Perverse House moved twice (brick by brick) to opposite sides of the river
  • Sebilj-a well and the last part of a water supply system built in the 16th century.
  • Baščaršija - Turkish bazaar with traditional craftsmen's workshops in narrow streets, cloth shops and restaurants
  • Olympic Museum
  • Ilidža Thermal Riviera - a complex with thermal pools
  • The queue for Trebević
  • The War Childhood Museum
  • Spas Tunnel
  • Vrelo Bosne
  • Rimsky bridge

For those who would like to go out of town two proposals and two opposite directions (in both cases we need to prepare reservations in advance, so Interested Participants should submit their trip declarations before the event):

  • The town of Konjic, some 70km to the south, with the Old Bridge on the Neretva, considered the link between Bosnia and Herzegovina, is where tours leave from, to Tito's super-secret bunker - hidden a few kilometers south of the town and 280 meters underground, a huge anti-atomic complex capable of protecting 350 people for 6 months, built by Tito in complete secrecy for more than 26 years 
  • Srebrenica Memorial Center - Potočari, about 125 km to the north  


At the Participants' disposal is a pilot who will help organize the day according to individual preferences. The day's itinerary includes a guided walking tour of Sarajevo.



  • Breakfast 7:30 a.m., check-out and departure 8:30 a.m.
  • Kraljeva Sutjeska (Old Mosque from 1463, original house from the turn of the 18th/19th century, Franciscan monastery from the 14th century).
  • Maglaj (castle from the 15th century and Yusuf-pasha mosque from 1560).
  • Vranduk in a bend of the Bosna River
  • Travnik called Little Sarajevo
  • Jajce - an open-air museum city
  • Catering: B/-/D
  • accommodation: Travnik - Jajce surroundings
Czas approx. 4-5 hrs (+ stops)
Trasa approx. 240 - 300 km

Heading north, yes... It's already a return direction, with a lot of Bosnia and Herzegovina still on the way.

We are moving towards Jajce, which advertises itself as an "open-air museum," and the slogan seems to have coverage - more than 22 valuable monuments have been preserved here. The buildings of the old town picturesquely adorn the western slope of the hill, undercut by the steep bank of the Vrbas River, into which the Pliva falls with a bang in a 23-meter waterfall, creating an unusual natural attraction.


We have about 240-300 kilometers to cover (depending on which places we visit and which we skip). We will drive along scenic roads, passing more towns, castles, mosques, bridges and living museums on the way. And on the list of interesting places "on the way" we have:

  • Madgaj - located on the Bosna River - a town with a 15th-century castle perched on a steep rock above the river, a few dozen meters below the castle the mosque of Yusuf-pasha from 1560.
  • Travnik - with its Painted Mosque, museum/home of writer Ivo Andrić, fortress, brisk stream, called "Little Sarajevo." The town has everything one might associate with Bosnia and Herzegovina, a picture of the country in a nutshell
  • Vranduk - a small town picturesquely located on a hill in a bend of the Bosna River, which turns almost 180 degrees here, and on top of the hill - a castle


  • Breakfast 8:00 a.m., check-out by 9:00 a.m.
  • Sightseeing tour of JAJCE and its surroundings (3 hours)
  • drive to Bihac, evening old town
  • Catering: B/-/D
  • accommodation: Bihać
Czas approx. 4 hrs (+ stops)
Trasa approx. 240 km

In Jajce we say goodbye for a while to federated Bosnia - one of the two republics that are part of the same state. The plan is to take an afternoon tour of Jajce and its surroundings. Jajce is an important tourist center in northern BiH-it is here that we find the remains of the ancient temple of Mithras, the ruins of a fortress and the remains of medieval fortifications, a Romanesque bell tower and catacombs with a royal crypt from the 15th century. The city's most famous tourist attraction is a 23-meter waterfall connecting the Vrbas and Pliva rivers. The town contains the ruins of the Romanesque church of St. Mary and the bell tower of St. Luke, erected next to it - the site of the coronation of the last Bosnian king Stjepan Tomasevic. After the Turks captured Jajce, the church was turned into a mosque, which burned down in 1832 never to be rebuilt. At an altitude of almost 500 meters above sea level, with walls 1,300 meters long, stands a defensive fortress, extended by the Turks.

From here, in the early afternoon, we unhurriedly set off towards the last point of our adventure - this is where it all began and where it ends - we bid farewell to Bosnia and Herzegovina in Bihać. An organized farewell dinner surrounded by recent, and infamous for civilized humanity, history....


DAY 10


  • Breakfast 8:00 a.m., check-out and departure 8:30 a.m.
  • Transit ride in the area of Malacky Slovakia
  • Catering: B/-/-
  • accommodation: Malacky Slovakia
Czas approx. 7 hrs (+ stops)
Trasa approx. 610 km

Return day in transit, to drive a lot of kilometers on highways and local roads. It is possible that some participants will decide to disconnect and head to Croatia for an extended vacation. CIs who return set off in a group under the supervision of a pilot in the direction of the north. Departure as early in the morning as possible. In the evening chatting over beer.

DAY 11


  • Breakfast 8:00 a.m., check-out and departure 8:30 a.m.
  • Transit ride in the direction of Poland in subgroups and individually
  • Catering: B/-/-
  • accommodation:
Czas approx. 5 hrs (+ stops)
Trasa approx. 400 km

Last day and transit ride. We take off individually and in sub-groups, depending on the destinations to which the participants are heading. We said our goodbyes at last night's dinner, today only heartfelt hugs at points of separation and friendly waves at road junctions.

See you somewhere on the road, maybe on your next organized motorcycle vacation. LWG




About the price

REGULAR, basic:

  • 1.150 € / participant with motorcycle (fixed for organizational minimum, accommodation in Twin, or Triple room)
  • 2,000 € / PAIR 2 participants with a motorcycle (fixed for organizational minimum, accommodation in DBL room)



  • accompanying participant, Passenger (DBL room): regular price - 300 EUR (= 850 EUR/passenger).
  • group participant, reservation for min. 5 people: regular price - 5% REGULAR PRICE (Direct contact with the Organizer required tel. +48 512818380 and setting up a group booking)
  • guarantee of accommodation in a room max. 2-bed room type TWIN:  regular price +50 
  • accommodation in a single room SGL:  regular price +200
  • individualized meals for the participant:  regular price +100



  • 30% booking fee within 5 days of participation application / booking / contract conclusion
  • 70% of the remaining amount of the contract by the contractual deadline (30-45 days before the date of the event)

The contract is concluded electronically in document form and in the online booking system. Cashless payments are handled by the platform PayU.



  • price guarantee for organizational minimum 7 participants
  • the possibility of organizing an event below the organizational minimum 7 participants With acceptance of the price change by all participants
  • Return of 100% payments in case of lack of organizational minimum 7 participants and the failure of all participants to agree to change the price
  • 100% refund of payments in case of factors preventing the Organizer from holding the event and cancelling it



Price includes
  • 24/7 participation of pilot/manager/TL excursions along the entire transit route
  • Participation and insurance of participants in the tourist event
  • fees for the Tourist Guarantee Fund
  • 1x admission to Una National Park in the waterfall zone
  • 1x admission to the dervish monastery in Blagaj
  • 1x admission to Kravica waterfalls
  • 1x admission Radimlja Necropolis UNESCO
  • 10x accommodation in hotels, motels, guesthouses in a standard corresponding to min. 3*: rooms 2-3 persons with equipment, bathrooms, parking, restaurant/bar in close proximity
  • 10x B - breakfasts, meals en route as described in the DAILY SCHEDULE (Legend: B-breakfast / L-lunch, light lunch / D-dinner)
  • 8x L/D - additional meals, meals en route as described in the DAILY SCHEDULE (Legend: B-breakfast / L-lunch, light lunch / D-dinner)
  • participant welcome package: gifts and commemorative gadgets, sticker
  • photo and video report shared by all participants
The price does not include
  • motorcycles - participants' own motorcycles
  • technical preparation of motorcycles
  • motorcycle fuels
  • motorcycle insurance
  • Tolls, parking and other charges en route 
  • The cost of roadside assistance in the event of an emergency (it is recommended that participants have Motorcycle Assistance for Europe)
  • insurances additional to those indicated
  • Admission fees to points of tourist attraction beyond those indicated in the PRICE INCLUDES.
  • catering beyond that indicated in PRICE INCLUDES.
  • gratuities, customary fees and other charges in addition to those indicated in the PRICE INCLUDES.




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