4.09 (FRI) – 13.09.2020 (SUN)

[2009-2] Wild Albania from north to south and more...with the transport of motorcycles (September 2020, 10 days)

They write about this country "a country that can be traveled in one day, changing landscapes, like in a kaleidoscope - from gloomy peaks and deep canyons to sunny beaches ..., from stone, karst deserts to olive groves ..., from the wetlands of the largest in this part of Europe, lakes on the precipice fjord of the Bay of Kotor ... ". Montenegro, because they write about it, is a country where Venetian cities are adjacent to villages inhabited by the original Albanian settlers, and churches with mosques.

Next to it is Albania, which, like a magnet, attracts tourists looking for something completely different from the ubiquitous commercialism. Still wild and beautiful, full of places forgotten by civilization, also such a few inhabited, where warm and hospitable people lead their lives in a rhythm unchanging for centuries, with countless monuments unknown from films, books and guides ... Crystal clear water, sensational weather (there are about 290 sunny days a year!) and beautiful beaches make it a dream destination for holiday trips - this is Albania today, though certainly not for long ... And at the same time extremely competitive in price, it is the dream destination of motorcyclists ... .

Organized, tourist and motorcycle exploration of the most valuable pearls of the Balkans - Albania and Montenegro, from the starting and ending point in Podgorica, in the traveling formula and accommodation along the route, provided for a group of 6-10 motorcycles, over a distance of about 2,000 km and 10 days including many attractions in the program (3 days in Montenegro, 7 days in Albania) ... In the formula, cheap flights, motorbikes transport by road from Poland to the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica and back, as well as stationary assistance of a service car.....


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It is a tourist trip, by definition focused on getting to know the country, interesting places and local culture. There are no feats in the event, including rivalry and competition. The main emphasis in the organization was placed on the selection of routes and places with high tourist attractiveness, ensuring a balance between riding a motorcycle and time spent without a motorcycle, and creating conditions for establishing good relations between participants, while ensuring the expected privacy.


Once again, Albania has been refined to the smallest detail in cooperation with a local partner, which we recommend to all those who have even little experience in motorcycle tourism, determined to travel in a group on roads of varying difficulty and in varying conditions – apart from easy sections of roads to overcome also demanding, winding mountain sections in varying weather and lighting conditions. Everyone who has two wheels in the class: chruiser, chopper, enduro, tour or other … technically efficient and comfortable enough to travel with us the indicated distance in the time assumed in the program can be a participant.


We start on Saturday morning from the hotel near the airport in Podgorica (Montenegro). Friday evening, we set up a group for a program joint organizational dinner and overnight at a hotel in Montenegro (participants’ access excluded from the program and the offer). Participants’ motorbikes transported from Poland will be delivered to this place on Friday afternoon. The program of our motorcycle trip included 2 days of visiting Montenegro with its biggest pearls (national parks Lovcen and Durmitor, Boka Kotorska, Tara Gorge) and 7 days of traveling along the roads of Albania also with its biggest attractions (SH20, Lake Koman, Shkodra and Kukes roads SH22 and SH5, UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Berat, Gjirokaster, Butrint, Blue Eye natural wonders, Saranda resort, Liogara park), Kruja, during the entire trip also one day of relaxation and rest in Berat with an organized trip to the Osumi canyon, we will also be passing through and with a short stop in Macedoni with its most beautiful place on the UNESCO list – the city of Ohrid.



MAPA-2009-2-ALBANIA-SZCZEGÓŁYWe are coming back to Podgorica on Sunday, late afternoon. Near the airport, there will be a transport waiting for us to pack our motorbikes so that they can set off on their way back to the country, and we will spend the last evening together in a restaurant and a night at the hotel, so that the next day we can return to the country by convenient connections (the return of participants was excluded from program and this offer). Of course, it will also be possible to return on Sunday evening if some of the participants could not afford a free day on Monday.





Participants’ motorcycles will be collected “from the garage’s address” (from the participant’s house) in Poland, transported to the unloading place near the airport in Podgorica / Montenegro and handed over to the participants on the day of the event, and after its end accepted, loaded and transported again “to the garage’s address “(To the participant’s home) in Poland.

In addition, this trip formula provides for stationary belaying of a transport and service car in Podgorica (Montenegro) and readiness to intervene to any place at the participant’s request (in each case of breakdowns and difficulties in using the Assistance Insurance service). The event organizer deals with transport and logistics in cooperation with a licensed carrier, without the involvement of significant participants. The price of the package offer does not include logistics and transport of motorcycles. On the day of preparation of the package offer tourist logistics and transport of motorcycles, the cost is as follows:


  1. transport of motorcycles in Poland (pickup and delivery to the house from / to the loading point near Katowice): 1.60 PLN / km there and return regardless of weight
  2. transport of motorcycles from around Katowice to Podgorica and return within the prescribed period:
  • small motorcycle (under 250kg*) transport price PLN 1,900
  • medium motorcycle (250kg – 350kg*) transport price PLN 2,200
  • large motorcycle (over 350kg*) transport price PLN 2,500

* Motorcycle weight in accordance with the details in the registration certificate + 30kg for luggage!

C. service transport of an immobilized motorcycle from any place on the route at the place of organization of a tourist event to Podgorica in Montenegro: 1.60 PLN / km there and return regardless of the weight


The logistics and transport of participants’ motorcycles will be handled by the tourist event partner we recommend – a licensed carrier with experience, resources and OCP insurance not lower than EUR 100,000.



Participants will overcome a long, tiresome and quite expensive motorcycle journey access road through Europe by fast air transfer, or any other convenient solution, saving time and energy for a great experience on site. The destination is Podgorica in Montenegro, where we start and finish our tour (NOTE: the price of the event does not include the cost of transport participants Poland-Montenegro (Podgorica) -Poland, which as of the date of publication of this offer is about 622 PLN airline flight and direct connection from Warsaw -Okęcie).

The organization of the flight of participants will be taken care of by the partner of the tourist event recommended by us – a licensed travel agency with resources and contracts with IATA to handle flight reservations.



  • We are a legally operating tourism organizer, registered in the Central Register of Tourism Organizers and Entrepreneurs Facilitating the Purchase of Related Tourist Services (CEOTiPUNPUT), so your trip is secured completely and in two pillars: with the insurance guarantees granted to us by AXA TUiR S.A. and by the Tourist Guarantee Fund.



  • We also carry out agency activities, including for AXA Ubezpieczenia Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń i Reasekuracji S.A., we advise and insure your trip, proposing the most convenient options. In our offer, apart from the possibility of increasing the sums insured, the Insurance of the costs of resignation and interruption of the tourist event at a very attractive price not exceeding 3.5% of the party’s costs!


  • The formula of trips places very high demands on cognitive and social tourism, in which riding a motorcycle is not an end in itself, but a pleasant means to achieve goals. The right balance of emotions from driving in close contact with the surroundings, impressions from places of tourist attractions and warm memories of the time spent on common relaxation in a group is the overriding goal.


  • Here, motorcycle tourism, not “adventure”, so security above all and high quality at an affordable price. Proven accommodation, rooms with equipment and bathrooms, a place to safely park motorcycles, a mandatory bar / restaurant in the facility, or close proximity, so that our common evenings pass in a pleasant atmosphere, pleasant aroma, local taste and coolness of refreshing drinks.


  • We are part of the group, we integrate and we play together with you, caring for safety, efficient implementation and only positive impressions. We create conditions for building valuable and lasting relationships while respecting your privacy.






To participate in the expedition, you just need to make a reservation, sign a contract and pay the first installment. The online sales system enables easy purchase by selecting the “I installment” payment, adding it to the basket and finalizing this payment with a traditional transfer or via the secure Przelewy24 transaction portal. The contract is sent in electronic form or by traditional post. If in doubt, contact us by phone +48 512 818380

Type of event

motorcycle tour of Montenegro and Albania

Date of organization

4.09 (FRI) – 13.09.2020 (SUN)

Place of organization

traveling in Montenegro and Albania (with Macedonia)

Transport to the place

own transport of participants

The type of transport to the place

  • Transport of motorcycles to / from Montenegro (region of Podgorica-Golubovci airport): commissioned transport service
  • Arrival / return of participants: flight Warsaw-Okecie <-> Podgorica-Golubovci

Transportation in place

participant's own means of transport - motorcycle

Framework program

  • 0.5 day flight from Poland to Montenegro
  • 9 days traveling Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia
  • 0.5 day return flight from Montenegro to Poland

Program points


  • Lovcen National Park
  • Kotor Bay
  • Durmitor National Park
  • Tara Canyon


  • road SH20
  • Shkoder
  • SH25
  • Komani lake
  • SH22, SH5, SH31
  • Peshkopi
  • Berat
  • Osumi canyon
  • Blue Eye
  • Sarande
  • Butrint National Park
  • SH8
  • Kruji Castle


  • Ohrid


Total distance

about 2000 km

Daily distance (min-max)

  • 180 km – 310 km

Type of route

asphalt roads in flat and mountainous terrain, roads of poor quality (Albania), sporadically paved without asphalt

Difficulty level

medium (route for motorcyclists with experience min. 2 years / 5000 km)

Number of participants (min-max)

7 – 14

Number of accommodation nights


Price of participation


  • 3120 PLN / 1 participant with a motorcycle (fixed for an organizational minimum of 7 participants)
  • 2700 PLN / 1 passenger

Price in promotion *

Possible variants and conditions for launching the promotion (if the promotion is active):

  • first minute promotion (presale, activated on the date of event creation up to several weeks)
  • last minute promotion (activated 30 days before the event in the case of vacancies
  • promotion of combined sales (activated for a combined purchase in an online store)

price includes

  • participation of the pilot / manager of a motorcycle trip on the entire cross-country route
    insurance for participants of the KL + NNW + BP tourist event in Europe, up to the sum insured for KL (medical costs) = EUR 10,000; NNW (after accidents) = EUR 2,000; BP (traveler's luggage) = EUR 200; KR (rescue costs) = 5.000 EUR, concluded on the basis of the GTC AXA with the symbol UT / 18/18/30 with the possibility of increasing the sum insured for an additional fee
  • fees for the Tourist Guarantee Fund
  • admission to the Mausoleum of Peter II Petrovic-Niegosz in Lovcen
  • zipline ride along the Tara bridge
  • Komani - Fiera ferry crossing
  • participation in an organized trip to Osumi Canyon
  • admission to the Blue Eye area
  • entry to the Butrint Archaeological Museum
  • admission to the Ulcinj Municipal Museum
  • 10 nights in hotels, motels, boarding houses in a standard corresponding to a minimum of ***: 2-3 person rooms with equipment, bathrooms, parking, restaurant / bar in close
  • meals as described in PLAN OF THE DAY as follows (legend: B-breakfast / L-lunch, light lunch / D-dinner)
  • participant starter pack: occasional shirt, sticker
  • photo and video-relation common to all participants

The price does not include

  • airline tickets of participants on the route Poland-Montenegro (Podgorica), approximate cost 650 PLN * / there and return (price of cheap airlines for 2019)
  • motorcycle transport Poland-Montenegro (Podgorica) -Poland, the indicative price of transporting a participant's motorcycle for a group order is lower than the cost of traveling on the same route by motorcycle and should be in the amount of PLN 1600 - 2000 * / 1 motorcycle both ways (* dependent price from the total quantity / weight, transport set configuration, with 100,000 euros insurance, transport of a licensed carrier for 7-10 motorcycles)
  • motorcycles - participants' own motorcycles, or motorcycles from a local rental company (at the participant's cost)
  • technical preparation and insurance of motorcycles
  • motorcycle fuel
  • road, parking and other tolls on a motorcycle expedition route (Italy)
  • costs of roadside assistance in the event of a need (it is recommended that participants of Motorcycle Assistance in Europe have it)
  • additional insurance for participants, apart from the insurance of participants of a tourist event under the general contract (doubling the sum of participant's insurance, cost approx. PLN 20 // insurance of the costs of resignation and termination of a tourist event, cost of approx. 3.5% of the event's value)
  • admission tickets to points of tourist attractions other than those indicated in the section "Price Contains"
  • meals outside the expedition SCHEDULE DAILY PROGRAM below
  • tips and other customary fees
  • other than those indicated in the offer

Guarantee of a fixed price

  • price guarantee for an organizational minimum of 7 participants
  • the possibility of organizing an expedition below the organizational minimum of 7 participants with the approval of the price change by the participants
  • 100% reimbursement of payments in the absence of an organizational minimum of 7 participants and lack of consent to change the price of participants


Informacje dla podróżnych publikowane przez Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych:

Dokumenty do pobrania


  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
  • Day 9
  • Day 10
  • Day 11



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