25.04 (SAT) - 6.05.2020 (WED)

[2005-1] To Greek paradise by motorbikes - Eptanissa Ionian Archipelago (May 2020, 12 days)

Beautiful beaches with turquoise water, breathtaking views, delicious dishes and countless legends that awaken your imagination ... In short about the charming islands in the Ionian Sea, belonging to one of the seven archipelagos and undoubtedly the most popular - the Eptanissa Archipelago (Seven Islands), located west of the Balkan Peninsula, just a few hours' flight from Poland and ... less than three days of exciting motorcycle rides, decorated with fairytale views of the Serb national park Đerdap or the Macedonian legacy of the national heritage of Ohrid ...


The offer of a 12-day trip for small motorcycle groups (8-10 motorcycles in the group) via the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Serbian and Macedonian routes to Patras in Greece, where the planned route of the Archipelago islands combined with stationary recreation will fill just over 5 beautiful days. Return through the Greek Meteora with a stop in the 14th-century Great Meteora, followed by Macedonia and 2 consecutive transit days via expressways through Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to Poland. Expedition planned for approx. 5,000 km of good quality roads, a few hours of ferry crossings, 12 days in total.     

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Motorbike holidays in Greece! The offer is a proposal to spend time in western Greece – traveling along the three characteristic roads, and still to a small extent commercialized, islands in the Ionian Sea, belonging to the Eptanissa Archipelago (translated “Seven Islands”) named Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Lefkada. The Mediterranean is an archipelago of seven islands, which together with satellite islands off the west coast of Greece creates an area where Greek and Italian influences intersect, where the landscapes are full of lush greenery, where the beaches sparkle with golden sand watered by turquoise waters where time passes slowly. .











In a nutshell: the trip includes a group ride through the roads of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Macedonia to and from Greece.

On the way through Serbia, the pearls of culture, nature and architecture – the Đerdap National Park with its scenic route 34, the Gołubac fortress on the Danube (the historic death site of the knight Zawisza Czarny) and the Iron Gate joining the shores on both sides of the border.

The most rarely visited by tourists in Macedonia, offering world-class monuments and extraordinary wonders of nature: Mavrovo National Park and the magnificent Macedonian jewel – Ohrid, enormously rich in history.




1905-3-GRECJA-MAPA-POLOWAHowever, it is in Greece that the beginning and the end of our “motorcycle holidays” and slightly over 5 days of exploration … without a hurry (at a Mediterranean pace), on short distances and with a licensed pilot at the forefront – three most interesting islands in the Ionian Sea, with countless attractions as far as the eye can see. There are good roads ahead, panoramic routes, viewpoints on land and sea, interesting places, sunbathing and swimming, walks, climatic taverns, traditional restaurants and a lot of time spent together, in direct contact with local culture. During the stay on the islands of course, traditional for our trips “a day without a motorcycle” spent in the climate of the beautiful beaches of Lefkada.



An offer dedicated primarily to lovers of Balkan culture (with its characteristic multiethnicity, consistent coexistence of Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Islam, historical legacy resulting from belonging to the Byzantine Empire, settling by the Slavs in the sixth century and above all experience of Turkish rule), delicious food, varied landscapes, and having a motorcycle in the cruiser class, chopper, enduro, tour, other …, which they would like to spend time pleasantly, traveling in a close-knit group at the distance indicated in the list below.

The event is a tourist trip, by definition focused on getting to know the regions, places and local culture – an easy, pleasant and relaxing trip. There are no elements of performance in this event, including competition and competition. Participants travel in a tight group, take care of themselves and help each other. Time spent off-road is organized and always shared. A pilot is a member of the group.


The main emphasis in the organization was placed on the optimal selection of the route and places with high tourist attractiveness in the visited regions, selection of accommodation and planned stops, ensuring balance between riding a motorcycle and spending time without a motorcycle and creating conditions for establishing good relations between participants, while simultaneous care for maintaining the privacy you expect. The expedition project was developed with the participation of a resident on the Greek islands, Destination Manager and a tourist tour guide.


Why with us?

  • We are a legally operating tourism organizer, registered in the Central Register of Tourism Organizers and Entrepreneurs Facilitating the Purchase of Related Tourist Services (CEOTiPUNPUT), so your trip is secured completely and in two pillars: with the insurance guarantees granted to us by AXA TUiR S.A. and by the Tourist Guarantee Fund.


  • We also carry out agency activities, including for AXA Ubezpieczenia Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń i Reasekuracji S.A., we advise and insure your trip, proposing the most convenient options. In our offer, apart from the possibility of increasing the sums insured, the Insurance of the costs of resignation and interruption of the tourist event at a very attractive price not exceeding 3.5% of the party’s costs!


  • The formula of trips places very high demands on cognitive and social tourism, in which riding a motorcycle is not an end in itself, but a pleasant means to achieve goals. The right balance of emotions from driving in close contact with the surroundings, impressions from places of tourist attractions and warm memories of the time spent on common relaxation in a group is the overriding goal.


  • Here, motorcycle tourism, not “adventure”, so security above all and high quality at an affordable price. Proven accommodation, rooms with equipment and bathrooms, a place to safely park motorcycles, a mandatory bar / restaurant in the facility, or close proximity, so that our common evenings pass in a pleasant atmosphere, pleasant aroma, local taste and coolness of refreshing drinks.


  • We are part of the group, we integrate and we play together with you, caring for safety, efficient implementation and only positive impressions. We create conditions for building valuable and lasting relationships while respecting your privacy.





Type of event

motorcycle touring to the Archipelago of the Ionian Islands (Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Lefkada) with access via the roads of the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and a cruise on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea

Date of organization

25.04 (SAT) - 6.05.2020 (WED)

Place of organization

traveling: Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Islands: Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Lefkada and land part of western Greece

Transport to the place

arrival / departure by participants' own transport

The type of transport to the place

the participant's own means of transport - a motorcycle

Transportation in place

  • HIGHWAYS: the participant's own means of transport - a motorcycle
  • SEE: ferries


Framework program

  • 3.5 day trip to Greece via Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Macedonia
  • 5.5 days traveling in Western Greece and 3 islands of the Ionian Archipelago (including 1 day stationary)
  • 3 days of return journey through Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland


Program points



  • national road 34
  • Golubac Fortress
  • barrage Iron Gates


  • the city of Ohrid


  • ZAKYNTHOS: ferry crossing Kyllini - Zakynthos
  • ZAKYNTHOS: boat and sightseeing of the Blue Cave
  • ZAKYNTHOS: Bay of Wreck
  • ZAKYNTHOS: cruise on Laganas Bay (meeting with turtles)
  • ZAKYNTHOS: Cape Keri
  • KEFALONIA: ferry crossing from Zakynthos to the port of Pessada, or Poros
  • KEFALONIA: the town of Argostola
  • KEFALONIA: tour of 1 cave (Drogarati or Melissani)
  • KEFALONIA: Myrtos beach
  • KEFALONIA: Fiskardo town
  • KEFALONIA: ferry crossing on LEFKADA
  • LEFKADA: beaches
  • Great Meteora monastery


Total distance

about 5000 km

Daily distance (min-max)

  • TRANSIT (there / return): 600-800 km
  • TOURISTIC (Greece): 100-250 km

Type of route

  • asphalt roads in flat and mountainous terrain
  • waterways (Mediterranean) ferry

Difficulty level

easy (route for motorcyclist with experience, minimum 1 year / 3000 km)

Number of participants (min-max)


Number of accommodation nights


Price of participation


  • PLN 4500 / 1 participant with a motorcycle (fixed for an organizational minimum of 8 participants)
  • PLN 4,000 / 1 passenger (fixed for the organizational minimum of 8 participants)

Price in promotion *

The offer in the promotion (if established) will be clearly marked.

Possible variants and conditions for launching the promotion:

  • first minute promotion (presale, activated during early distribution of the offer)
  • last minute promotion (activated 30-60 days before the event in case of vacancies)
  • promotion of combined sales (activated for a combined purchase in an online store)

price includes

  • participation of the pilot / manager of a motorcycle trip on the entire cross-country route
    insurance for participants of the KL + NNW + BP tourist event in Europe, up to the sum insured for KL (medical costs) = EUR 10,000; NNW (after accidents) = EUR 2,000; BP (traveler's luggage) = EUR 200; KR (rescue costs) = 5.000 EUR, concluded on the basis of the GTC AXA with the symbol UT / 18/18/30 with the possibility of increasing the sum insured for an additional fee
  • fees for the Tourist Guarantee Fund
  • ferry tickets for the crossing: Kyllini-Zakunthos,
  • ferry tickets for the crossing: Zakynthos-Kefalonia,
  • ferry tickets for the crossing: Kefalonia-Lefkada
  • entry tickets to tourist attractions indicated in the PROGRAMS as above
  • accommodation in hotels, boarding houses, campsites with a minimum standard **: 2-4 bed rooms with equipment, bathrooms, parking
  • food on the route as described in the LEAVE EXHIBITION PLAY as below (legend: B-śniadanie / L -lunch, light lunch / D-dinner)
  • Participant's starter package: greeting shirt, sticker
  • photo and video-relation shared by all participants

The price does not include

  • motorcycles - participants' own motorcycles
  • fuel for motorcycles
  • motorcycle insurance
  • road, parking and other fees on the route (including local ferry crossings in the Norwegian fjords)
  • the costs of roadside assistance in the event of a need (it is recommended to have Motorcycle Assistance for Europe)
  • insurance of additional participants, in addition to insuring participants of a tourist event under a general contract (eg doubling the insured participant's cost of about 20 PLN // insuring cancellation and interruption of a tourist event costs approx. 3.5% of the value of the event and other available at extra cost)
  • admission tickets to tourist attractions
  • meals outside the indicated below in PLAN DAY less
  • other than those indicated in the offer

Guarantee of a fixed price

  • price guarantee for a minimum of 8 participants
  • the possibility of organizing a trip below the organizational minimum of 8 participants with the acceptance of the price change by the participants
  • 100% refund of payments in the absence of an organizational minimum of 8 participants and failure to agree to change the participants' price


Travel information published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Dokumenty do pobrania

Dokumenty do pobrania w zakładce INFORMACJE


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  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
  • Day 9
  • Day 10
  • Day 11
  • Day 12



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