The website motopodrozni.pl is made available on the following terms and conditions including additional reservations in the Copyright section.

The website motopodrozni.pl is available as provided by the server and as received by the user. The owner of the website MOTOpodrozni.pl sp. z o.o. does not provide any uptime guarantee. Website availability can be reduced or completely interrupted at any time without notice to users.

The website motopodrozni.pl can be used only for private and non-commercial purposes. MOTOpodrozni.pl sp. z o.o. does not allow the use of any software (including automated mechanisms and systems) for retrieving data from the site for commercial use (so-called screen scraping), as well as sharing or providing links to this website without previous written approval from the owner.

All contents made available on the website motopodrozni.pl is protected by copyright, trademark rights, database rights or other intellectual property rights. In case of any unauthorised use of the website motopodrozni.pl, MOTOpodrozni.pl sp. z o.o. reserves the right to undertake all necessary measures, including court action, without notice to the user.

MOTOpodrozni.pl sp. z o.o. reserves the right to modify the contents of the website at any time by changing the text, disabling previously available web pages and enabling new ones. MOTOpodrozni.pl sp. z o.o. shall not be responsible for any incidents arising while browsing through motopodrozni.pl .

The offer displayed on  motopodrozni.pl is deemed available only if it can be booked via motopodrozni.pl  and when it is presented on this website. If an offer displayed on the website cannot be booked via motopodrozni.pl it means that such an offer is not available.

MOTOpodrozni.pl sp. z o.o., despite all efforts, cannot guarantee that the information and prices displayed on the website motopodrozni.pl are free from flaws and errors..



The user of motopodrozni.pl has the right to browse through the web pages and save them on a computer hard disk as temporary files. In addition, the user has the right to print selected web pages for private use.

The right to use the whole website is limited to private and non-commercial uses. The use of materials indicated to be “press” materials is allowed if the source of information is indicated



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