„Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover ...”


Life taught us how to dream, set goals, consistently pursue and achieve them.

What we are doing now is a result of dreams, an unquenchable need for discovering and exploring the world, the need for spending together the inexorably passing time which cannot be turned back. We catch the wind in our sails. We take aboard all those who want to go with us. Together we fulfil our desires and build memories. We spend our time together, we set common goals, and we share passions, which gives us satisfaction with our lives, making them beautiful, light and pleasant, and acquiring assets the value of which cannot be measured – invaluable memories…



For others and among others, providing unforgettable experiences is our mission... and the recipe for success is:

share energy...    We all carry positive energy inside us. However, not everyone can manage and utilize it, and few people are able to share it.

inspire...    A man with a passion is never alone, but only a man who can inspire others is really happy.

make dreams come true....   Helping dreamers make their dreams come true and teach people who are afraid of dreaming how to dream. You must have dreams and a little will to make them true.    



ON AND OFF THE TRACK… We have been travelling for years, organizing more and less exotic escapades for ourselves, inviting our friends, our friends' friends, our friends' friends' friends, our buddies and complete strangers to join us. Each of them was the only one, unique in terms of the form, goals, experiences, people we met and the memories we catalogued. And this is how we want to continue – fully focused on people and unforgettable experiences, bringing joy and a feeling that we experience something unusual, extraordinary and unique.

Our knowledge and experience make it possible to reproduce verified, carefully planned and excellently organised tours we did in the past, as well as to offer completely new ones with elements of exploration and adventure that are not fully predictable, which makes them extremely exciting. The projects are our own although inspiration often comes from our Customers for whom we will eagerly undertake the challenge.






SMALL GROUPS ONLY… With our full involvement and dedication we organise unforgettable holidays for all those who intensively devote their time to others on a daily basis and wish to become a "new" person even only for a while – to be somebody from whom no one expects anything, somebody having no tasks to complete and no responsibilities to fulfil – who for a finite moment want to disappear from their normal life and appear in a beautiful place somewhere in the world where they could feel free, calm down and forget about daily problems.

In each case – taking care of the quality, good relations and fantastic atmosphere – the group is limited to a few people. Sometimes it is bigger than 10 people. A one-person tour also fits in. We always travel together with the participants, taking care of their comfort and good time.







THE QUALITY OF ADVENTURE… We create the quality of adventure and leisure activities. We leave standards and schemes behind. We combine apparently different and seemingly non-matching forms of activity into a single whole, giving a new dimension to travelling.  

We travel for adventure, but we do not give up planning, ensuring the expected level of comfort and, most importantly, uncompromising safety. 








KORSYKA-GORY-MOTO-DAZWMOTO FORMULA… The organisation formula gives an individual character and specific clou to our tours – we travel on motorcycles and any vehicle at least reminding them a little bit... if, where and when possible...

For years we have combined the passion for travelling and exploring with the youthful love of motorcycles.

Our passion inspires other people... We build a new quality of tourism –  motorcycle touring without limits... tourism with passion!









THE CRISIS SYNDROME... Motorcycle touring without limits is not for everyone.

We do not organise time for enthusiasts of riding without a purpose – it would be too easy.

We do not organise time for those who have plenty of time – it would be too difficult.

We organise time for people absorbed with routine, who work hard, who are often very demanding but decided to use our services. With a little humour and distance, we change the middle age crisis syndrome into good time and great fun… So if:

1. you plan to buy a motorcycle... you have already bought one... or you don't have it yet but if you only had it…

2. you work and earn, you do not save and you like spending money…
3. you like exploring with the sense of smell, touch and taste, and you are curious about the world...
4. you do not mind heat, cold, sun, rain or wind…
5. you are scared by the thought that 20 years from now you may be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do…

you must contact us.






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